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Ep. 68: Autumn Leaves
Source: TV
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Added 9/25/2006
Updated 5/3/2017
Episode: 68 (Sakura, the Past, and Clow Reed): Cut 195. At once the green landscape turns to an autumnal scene dominated by a fiery red and orange sky like those painted by Edvard Munch. Then we see a pile of fallen leaves in rich fall colors -- this pile, in fact -- and the camera slowly pans back to show the hem of Clow’s robes and his feet.

“Seasons come and go naturally," he begins to tell Sakura solemnly.

The first thumbnail gives a closer look at the amazing detail in the lower left corner of this original watercolor, where the slow pan begins. It is interesting how the hasty, impressionistic brushstrokes create an illusion of leaves, with deep shadows underneath a few of them.

The second takes you to the layout, which shows that the upper left was left unpainted because it would be covered by Clow’s robe.

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