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Batanan Fires Off a Round
Source: TV
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Cel Number: A17
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Added 8/29/2006
Updated 5/28/2017
Episode 11: I Want the Licence! During a confrontation with a group of outlaw rodents, the leader of the Hyper Police bounty hunters steps back after firing a shot. Notice the irregular puff of smoke around his gun, added with airbrushing on the front of the cel. Also impressive: the intricate detail of Batanan's weapon and swish of his massive werewolf tail as his body absorbs the recoil. Sequence number: A17

The screencap is approximate, because in the final form of the show this cut was trimmed to end a whisker before where this cel fit in.


Batanan's voice actor, Akio Ohtsuka [大塚 明夫], has an extensive resume of other roles, including credits in dubbed live-action film (he regularly served as the voice of Antonio Banderas), video games, and anime. He is most noted as Black Jack in the popular Osamu Tezuka anime franchise of that name. He also voiced Batou in all the Ghost in the Shell productions from the original 1995 film through all the TV, OVA, and movie reprises. He can also be heard as Lt. Cmdr Andrei Kalinin in the Full Metal Panic cycle and the mashin/rune-god Windom (or Windham) in all the Rayearth productions. Not to mention George Gardino or "Mr. G," the muscles of the Condition Green commando team.

Ohtsuka was chosen to receive the 2015 Kei Tomiyama Award for a male performer who broadened the profession of voice acting in every form of media.

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