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Wimpy Kougaiji
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Oversize, 27W x 33H

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Added 8/9/2006
Updated 6/16/2022
Reload, Episode 2 (A Writhing Trap), cut 86. In the mêlée that follows, Son Goku, who defeated Kougaiji in the previous story arc, again faces up to him, grazing the demon's cheek as he makes an athletic leap over his shoulder. Kougaiji puts his hand up to his face and says:

Owee, that really hurt! I'm gonna go home and tell my stepmom Lady Koushou . . . an' Lady Koushou's gonna tell Dr. Nii . . . and Dr. Nii's gonna tell Satan! . . . an' then you're gonna be sorry you started pickin' on me!

No, no, no, no! you can almost hear the animation director for this scene saying when he saw this preliminary image. As much attention as the artist gave to the details of Kougaiji's muscles, those long fingers and carefully filed (and polished?) fingernails ruin all. And he looks just about to burst into sobs of humiliation.

OK, enough. Click the first thumbnail for the sakkan's counterproposal (and I'm going to have to get that long note above his head translated!) Now Kougaiji looks like a real brawler, with his hand folded into a tight fist and the eyes narrowed and fixed on his opponent.

OK, got the point? Now click the second thumb for the key animator's rough. Am I on the right track? it seems to be saying. Yep: look at those chillingly contemptuous eyes, the slightly downturned lips, and that ponderous fist poised next to them. What a transformation!

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