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Kougaiji Close-up
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
Oversize, 27W x 37H

No Background

Added 8/9/2006
Updated 6/16/2022
Reload, Episode 2 (A Writhing Trap), cut 64. This huge pan sketch shows a powerful extreme close-up of Kougaiji, the sympathetic demon antagonist of the Sanzo Group, as he starts out the second story arc by demanding that Sanzo hand over to him the Maten Scripture. Sanzo calmly refuses, and Kougaiji replies, in this cut, "Then I'll just have to take it by force!"

Notice how the lines of his hair, nose, birthmark, and forehead creases all channel the viewer's attention to those gripping eyes.

Click the first thumbnail for the layout, which is just as big but not nearly as impressive: Kougaiji seems to be yawning or shouting. Then have a look at the second thumb for a genzu that shows how the animator worked up those amazing eyes.

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