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Son Goku Attacks
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
Oversize, 27W x 42H

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Added 8/9/2006
Updated 1/17/2007
Episode 26, cut 24 (Reload?). Son Goku strikes a tremendous blow with his Nyoi-bō or power staff. This is one of those wonderful Saiyuki oversized gengas that use foreshortening and composition masterfully: see how the staff, which flexes from the force with which it's used, provides not only a strong diagonal, but in fact also provides tremendous depth, as it "sticks through the screen" in the front and exits the frame in the back. The viewer's eye is drawn back and forth, from the foreshortened fist pushing it ahead and down, to the other hand way behind Goku, stopping each way at his face. The attention given Goku's slightly tattered costume also makes his attack all the more scary.

Click the thumbnail for the equally impressive layout, which adds "swooshies" to emphasize the force of Son Goku's blow. (Another genga, not imaged, worked up these swooshies as a second layer.)

Yow. They don't draw gengas like this any more. In fact, they didn't draw many gengas like this back in the "good ole days" either.

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