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"It's true!" B2/B3
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: B2, B3
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Added 6/21/2006
Updated 5/26/2016
Gunlock, Episode 16, cut 74. A tragic subplot tells the story of Fumiko, a woman distraught when demons kill the man she loved. She steals Sanzo's banishing gun, intending to avenge his death, but things don't go well for her. Here the Sanzo team have arrived on the scene too late; Goku finds the gun on the ground and infers the rest of what has happened to Fumiko.

Notice the care with which the artist has gently penciled in the details of the gun underneath Goku's fingers to make sure that the posture of the hands was realistic.

Click the thumbnail to see the B3 genga, where Son Goku takes a closer look at the gun.

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