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Giant Ep. 54 Nadeshiko
Source: TV
Layers: 4
Sketches: 7
Cel Number: A6, B12 END, C1 END
Oversize, 10.5W x 9H

Key Cel
End Cel
Book Cel
No Background

Added 6/15/2006
Updated 8/14/2016
Episode: 54 (Sakura and the Calendar of Memories), cut 219. Fujitaka and Masako, Sakura’s wealthy great-grandfather, meet on a park bench and finally settle their long-standing family feud. “I wish I could have told Nadeshiko,” Masako tearfully concludes, “that she really had chosen a fine husband.” Fujitaka replies, “I’m sure she can hear us … somewhere.” Sequence numbers: A6 (wings), B12 END (Nadeshiko’s body and dress), C1 END (Fujitaka and Masako), plus an unnumbered C219 BOOK layer with the back of the park bench.

Hear us indeed! In fact, Nadeshiko looks as if she’s borrowed The Big from her daughter, just in case grandpa proved recalcitrant and needed to be squished by divine providence. The thumbnails show the copy layout (annotated by one of the animators), along with an interesting rough sketch that revised the shape of Nadeshiko’s wings and had Masako hunch over a little farther in sorrow.

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Notice that her wing feathers are a pretty pink in this cel, contrasting with their snowy whiteness in her first apparition (ep. 6) and their eye-opening orange hue in her second (ep. 39). She’s also changed her form-fitting green dress (with its cluster of orange stars to accent her cleavage) to a flamboyant coral-tinted dress with a long skirt that billows dramatically alongside her ominously snaky hair. Her pearl necklace, nearly invisible in the previous appearance, now puts on quite a show.

Ah well, Nadeshiko was a glamour model in her mortal existence, so why would we expect her to wear generic angel duds after she’s shuffled off her mortal coil?

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