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Son Goku has lunch: C1 rough and genzu
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: C1
Standard size
Opening Cel

No Background

Added 5/18/2006
Updated 3/4/2010
This delightful set of sketches is from the movie Gensoumaden Saiyuki, cut 203. It shows Son Goku sitting down to an unusually good meal and energetically trying a little of everything at once, until a bandaged arm (Gojyo's) unceremoniously swats him onto the floor. The set was missing the A1 genga, but it included this wonderful rough, so I didn’t care. See the thumbnail for a preliminary genzu, oddly enough, done on normal-sized paper (all the other sketches are movie-sized).

I've provided still scans for all the gengas in this fine set, but hidden most of them in deference to Vampyreshoujo's fine reanimation. To see more of this cut, go to "Private Area" and type in "seemorestuff," then return here.

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