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8. Psychedelic squirrel trouble
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Added 5/17/2006
Updated 5/2/2016
After this military buildup, the episode breaks the tension with a scene in the countryside, where one of the kids in the cast, Barney (or Bernie) Page, is having a lot of trouble with psychedelic squirrels. These are colored bright pastel colors and love to steal cookies.

You can see a few cels of these cute guys in the "Cels and BGs" gallery, along with a cel from the cut corresponding to the bottom picture in the storyboard strip above.

Barney doesn't get much screen time in this storyboard, but Kumiko Watanabe, the voice actor that did this role clearly worked together well with Kouji Tsujitani, the voice actor for Sho (the team's technical expert). They later teamed up again as part of the Inu-tachi, playing Shippo and Miroku respectively.

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