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Lantis’s Adversary: Nova? (rough)
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Added 5/16/2006
Updated 4/27/2016
This is the animation director’s rough, which, as always with MKR art, is a revelation.

See how this sketch began with a series of quick, sure strokes with gray pencil, making Nova’s face more three-dimensional and vivid. Then the details are added in very carefully, often in a series of saw-toothed lines, a style distinctive of this artist. Finally, the highlights and shadows are added in blue and yellow, adding splashes of color to this vivid sketch.

The artist is probably the episode's animation director, Megumi Kadonosono, who was simultaneously serving as character designer for the Vampire Princess Miyu remake. She had previously done character design for Martian successor Nadeshiko (1996-97) and soon after did the same for the visually impressive Rayearth OAV.

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