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Sakura: "Think of your duty!"
Source: TV
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Sketches: 2
Cel Number: A1
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Added 5/2/2006
Updated 2/8/2016
Episode 11: I Want the Licence! This memorably wicked rough sketch of Sakura shows her cajoling Natsuki into helping her corral a powerful monster. She appeals to her partner's sense of civic responsibility, but her expression (and an aside to the audience in the next cut) remind us that the clever fox stands to collect a huge bounty if they succeed.

The genga is much more precise, and it includes a charming glimpse of the partially humanized animals that the animators created to populate the street scenes. But in my opinion it fails to catch the touch of malice that makes this rough so arresting.

Like the shuusei in the first thumb of this genga of Natsuki, it is probably the work of the episode's animation director, Yoshihiko Takakura.

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