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Mystery Five
Source: TV
Layers: 1
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Cel Number: A28
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Added 8/4/2002
Updated 4/17/2017
Episode: 36 (Sakura and a Snowy New School Year): In the opening scene, Kero-chan congratulates Sakura on capturing some new cards since the end of the last session, and these five cards form a row behind him. Sequence Number: A28.

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These are the "mystery five," since their captures are never seen in the TV series (though of course The Arrow, the one on the far right, is seen being captured and used in the first movie). The others are (from the left):

The Through - never captured and never used, though it's mentioned in the second movie during the "Hall of Mirrors" scene. It evidently allows the user to walk through walls, so long as they are not too thick.

The Libra - never captured, never used, never even mentioned, though from sets of instructions I've seen, it gives the user the power to force anyone in front of her to tell the absolute truth. (One only can imagine the episode in which this card was confronted and sealed!)

The Wave - also never captured, used, or discussed, though presumably it has properties similar to The Watery, though in a more specific way. (I would guess that it might also help give Sakura moral support during difficult magical duels.)

The Bubbles - never captured but transformed and used in Episode 58 (The Pair's Real Pinch) to clean off Kerberos after he's had a catastrophe with a bag of flour. It's also mentioned (in much the same way) by a sleeping Kerberos in Ep. 68 while he's dreaming of being given a bath by Clow Reed.

To give you an idea of the detail in this cel (which isn't visible in the broadcast), I've added an close-up of The Bubbles in the first thumbnail.

Note: I’ve digitally altered the image of this cel. In the original, the left frame of The Through is off the edge, and to complete the image, I cut and pasted the left frame of The Libra onto it. Click the second thumbnail for an unedited image of this cel.

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