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Opening Dream Sequence
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: A6
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Added 8/3/2002
Updated 10/2/2013
In the opening dream sequence, we see Sakura in the Final Judgment costume, standing on the edge of a tall building, facing Tokyo Tower. At the end, we see her head move forward slowly, a sad, seemingly hopeless look on her face, and then she jumps off the ledge into the void. Sequence Number: A6. This scary, evocative cel is one of my absolute favorites.

Angelic Lair has the A2 in this bank.

The douga is also beautifully executed. Interestingly, the douga originally circled the sequence number, indicating a key (it's certainly well sketched and painted). Then the circle was carefully erased; I don't know why.


This is the first cel that I uploaded to Rubberslug, on August 3, 2002. It was a logical choice, as it's also, chronologically, the first cel in my gallery to appear in Cardcaptor Sakura, just before the title card of the first episode.

I purchased it on June 14, 2001, one of several memorable snags of my first year of cel collecting. That was the time when many of us organized our schedules around Nick's fondly-remembered update nights. Those of us on the "preferred customer" list would get a little email a day or so in advance, warning us that Anime Chaos would update its sale page on the evening of [whenever]. And so we'd find excuses to do online work that evening, pausing every couple of minutes to go over to and refresh the page and try to get first pick of the new goodies he had for sale.

That night, luckily, I got in just as the new items were being uploaded. This one was one of (IIRC) three similar cels from the same cut. Knowing that if I didn't jump too, I'd get cut off by a more aggressive collector, I picked the one that I liked at first glance and put in my order, for this and for a lovely profile of The Flower Card.

Luck was with me, and my quick order got me both cels. I've seen only one sequence-mate from this scary, unforgettable cut show up for auction since then, so I'm glad that I jumped with Sakura. This image is beautifully designed and painted, and it shows up several more times during the first story arc as the dream sequence is reprised with new details added. I like this one, as the head, just left of center, seems to have passed the point of no return, irresistibly drawn over the edge and into the emptiness below.

BTW, has anyone else noted how the last sequence in the CCS story (at the end of the second movie) neatly bookends this sequence, though in a happy/scary mode this time?

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