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Inuyasha Lures Entei into a Cave: C1
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: C1
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Added 1/16/2006
Updated 4/13/2017
Episode: 149 (Hara wo yobu ippon no ya or “A Single Arrow Calling Up Trouble”), cut 236. In a battle with the demon horse Entei, Inuyasha finds his opponent's supernatural speed makes it impossible for him to attack effectively. So riding on Kirara, he pretends to try to hide from the demon, flying into a nearby cave. When Entei follows, he leaps off Kirara and sticks the tip of the Tetsuaiga into the ground to bring him to a sudden halt.

This sketch set shows Inuyasha powerfully tugging back on the hilt of the Tetsusaiga as he slides to a halt, then standing up while the dust on the cave floor roils powerfully up behind him . The set included the layout, nine roughs (four of Inuyasha and five of Kirara), and forty dougas: ten of Kirara flying in behind Inuyasha, three of the fire around Kirara’s feet, seventeen complete images of Inuyasha tugging on Tetsusaiga, and ten of billowing clouds of dust in the foreground.

The individual images are well worth viewing, especially the C1 douga featured above. The vigorously drawn rough, typical of the work of Animation Director Shinichi Sakuma, is in the thumbnail. Skip to the end to see a reanimated version of these dougas.

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