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Inuyasha Squishes Myoga 1
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: A1
Standard size

Key Cel
No Background

Added 11/14/2005
Updated 3/19/2024
Episode: 144 (Housenki and the Final Shard), cut 199. Inuyasha is interrogating Hosenki's son about obtaining a black pearl that will allow him to travel to the underworld. At this point, however, he’s not getting the answers he wants.

Shown here is the opening image of the cut, the A1 douga, with the corresponding rough in the first thumbnail. It’s not hard to make a yokai hero look fierce, but the genius of the creators is that they make Inuyasha look just as much like himself when he’s just a little confused or set back, as here. The little note beside the rough sketch says, "In genga 1 and 2, please take care with the position of the arms that can be seen. Please do this." Clearly, the animator was concerned about making Inuyasha's hands coming out of his sleeves look "right."

The second thumbnail shows the pretty art board that came with this set. The "wall" that you see is actually the lip of the giant clam shell where Hosenki's son lives, with rolling countryside behind . The note at the bottom moves the two figures up a little against the scenery (red-penciled frame).

During the cut, his retainer Myoga warns him to be polite, so Inuyasha reaches up quickly and squishes the poor little guy in a rage. (Not to worry, though: Myoga's a tough survivor, even for a parasite, and this is hardly the first or the last time he's had to endure this token of his lord's displeasure.) This sketch pack was especially nice because it included two full roughs, five partial roughs, and 21 complete dougas of Inuyasha (no baldies or partials), as well as five dougas of Myoga.

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