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Tommy-kun listens to Natsuki
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: A1, A5
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Added 11/12/2005
Updated 5/23/2017
Ep. 19 (There's no tomorrow for the cats?!), c. 164. Natsuki, concerned about the homeless cats in the Home where she's looking for the Cat Cross Army (or Cat Crusaders, as the manga translation has it), has asked Batanan for some money to buy them things, but he's walked out on her, accusing her of losing her professionalism.

The comment cuts her to the quick, and even Tommy is shocked by his bluntness. In the first part of the cut, he listens to her sympathetically.

This is the A5 image, with Tommy looking up at Natsuki, whose hips appear in another genga (not imaged). The thumbnail shows the A1 image, with Tommy’s face in profile. It’s amazing how the character design manages to make his scruffy werewolf features really appealing here, in a lost-doggy way.

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