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Next 9 - Lina Reads a Letter: A3
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: A3
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Added 8/24/2005
Updated 6/1/2017
Slayers Next, Episode 9 (Hidden Ambitions! The Shocking Confession), cut 119. At Amelia's palace, Lina is handed a letter with important information about her job (being King Phil's magical bodyguard). She knows this is a standard narrative cliche, so she nonchalantly tosses the letter aside unread. However, the rest, knowing how uncertain their situation is, urge her to give it at least a look, and she reluctantly agrees.

This genga set came with nine keys: Lina is first shown with her back to the audience (A1, not imaged); then she turns (A2, also not imaged), accepts the letter (A3, the image above), and opens it (A4). Then as she reads it, she makes a series of odd and rather comical expressions: her right eye droops halfway shut (A5), her shoulders sag dramatically (A6, partial, not imaged). She grabs tighter hold of the letter (A7), closes her eyes tightly as if she’s going to start crying (A8), and finally opens her right eye wide and shuts her left eye halfway, opening her mouth in shock (A9).

This genga set, oddly, came with no shuuseis, but I did get some of the preliminary layouts and roughs, which I share along the way.


Animation director for this episode was Kasuhiro Sasaki [佐々木 和宏], an artist with a long resume of work, including key animation, storyboarding, and episode direction for a huge variety of series. Other credits include Angelic Layer, Chobits, PowerPuff Girls Z, Fullmetal Alchemist, Samurai 7, and Speed Grapher (all key animation). His most notable assignment has been the Demon Fighter Kocho OAV (character designer, chief animation director). More recently he has focused on the technical end, serving as director of photography (often digital) for projects such as the Doraemon Nobita & Robot Kingdom movie and Nintama Rantaro.

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