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Next 9 - Lina Reads a Letter: A9 (genga)
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A9
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Added 8/24/2005
Updated 6/1/2017
And here is the genga (A9) for the funny "shock" moment at the end of the cut.

Unfortunately the shading in the genga makes it seem as if she half-shuts her eyes, but the screen cap shows that this is just an indication for a shadow line in the whites of her eyes.

The layout and animation director Sasaki's rough are included in the thumbs.

SPOILER! Just as Lina suspected, the letter is a notorious plot cliche: she's being invited to a secret meeting at a secluded spot where, if she comes, she will learn exactly who is behind the evil plot to kill King Phil. Yeah, and of course it's a trap being laid by inhuman baddies and their minions to do in Lina. Thus the little pause before the shock moment -- "Oh, no, not this tired old trick again!"

Overall, a fine set of Lina portraits, with nice insights into how the studio made her as expressive as she is.

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