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Hikaru Casts Fire Arrow: 10 (Yellow Rough)
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
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Added 8/23/2005
Updated 3/12/2017
Now the pan back accelerates (as the magic flies toward the viewer) and we see Hikaru struggling to keep her balance after the violent cast. This was another heavily used sketch: see the levels of annotation and the splotches of paint that dot this sheet.

The first thumbnail shows the white rough. Note that the sakkan changed the posture, finding it unlikely that Hikaru would cast with her left hand and at the same time stride forward on her left leg.

The screen capture shows the spark of flame still playing between her hands (I also got the shuusei for this planning sketch and the next, but didn’t image them for space considerations).

Now, visit Rallihir’s Cel Gallery for a sequence of five cels showing how this magic effect looked on the screen.

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