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Inuyasha Being Bugged by Shippo
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Added 8/22/2005
Updated 4/13/2017
Episode 164: The Strongest Enemy: Parasitic Pupa Shippo, cut 210. Shippo has been taken over by a Yadori Sanagi, a kind of bug demon, and is taking the opportunity to turn the tables on Inuyasha, who’s been picking on him recently.

Here Shippo (with the bug demon visible on his back) has the upper hand in the contest: he's cast a spinning top that magically whips up a tornado that sucks Kagome into it. The angry Inuyasha prepares to take a mighty leap straight up and out of the frame to rescue her. This cut appears at about 16:11 of the episode.

This is the layout, probably executed by the episode's animation director, Shinichi Sakuma. His layouts tend to be vigorous but rather loosely executed, with the figures first roughed in using colored pencil, then quickly finished in graphite. This is actually one of the more polished Sakuma layouts I’ve seen.

This set came with seventeen dougas: three of Shippo hovering in the background, twelve showing Inuyasha’s leap, and two mouth layers. To see an animated display of the dougas showing Inuyasha's mighty leap, move on to the next item.

Oni Hime's Palace of Delights has a delightful genga from Cut 220 in the same scene.

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