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Umi portrait
Source: TV
Layers: 1
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Cel Number: A2
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Added 8/22/2005
Updated 5/24/2017
When I began collecting, cels from this series often commanded a premium price. Truth to say, I rarely saw an ugly MKR cel, and many were achingly beautiful, both in color and design. In time, prices moderated, and this cel, an arresting close-up of Umi, the Water Knight, simply ordered me to bid on it. (Luckily, no one else did …)

I’m especially impressed by the subtle use of so many different shades of blue. The hair, of course, makes a glistening cascade, like a great wave in the sunlight, appropriately for Umi, whose name means “the sea.” But see how the other shades of blue set off this shimmering highlight and in turn make her teal eyes especially riveting. Sequence number: A2. (And I’ve never found that Studio CLAMP’s A2 cels had anything to apologize for.)

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