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Fuu casting magic: A9 and Aゥ
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: A9, Aゥ
Standard size
Opening Cel

No Background

Added 8/16/2005
Updated 3/16/2017
Key: A9. Now her eyes open, and in this dramatic, intimately detailed image, she begins to speak the magic words.

Click the fingernail for another inbetweener sketch, this one labeled “Aゥ” [A “u”], which shows Fuu moving her arm to her right, winding up like a left-handed pitcher about to fire a fastball back toward the viewer.

Typical of CLAMP-inspired images, this sketch is careful to define just how far up Fuu's skirt the viewer can see. (Hey! she's wearing harem pants, so it's not ecchi!)

[Worth noting: MKR's series director, Toshihiro Hirano, may have thought about this moment when planning the OAV, where Fuu first encounters her mashin Windam while standing on top of the pitcher's mound in the middle of Tokyo Dome.]

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