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Magic Knight Rayearth: 5 Episode 49

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"Don't Cry for Me"
Source: TV
Layers: 2
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: A3, C6
Standard size

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Added 7/23/2005
Updated 3/25/2013
With the curse enveloping her, Alcyone looks sadly at the others and tells them not to weep, for this is the way she’s chosen to die. Sequence number: A3.

Yowzers! If you’re going to be a bodaciously voluptuous villainess, you might as well leave the stage the same way you entered -- and so Alcyone does, leaving this powerfully sensuous image in our memories.

I resisted moving from sketches of this series to cels for a year, but this lovely, sexy, dramatic cel -- the first MKR cel I ever bought -- could not be denied.

The cel came with a slightly mismatching curse layer (C6) which discreetly conceals Alcyone’s bare shoulders. It was painted in black on the back of the cel, as usual; then the edges were softened with airbrushing on the front. As the layers were separated with a plastic sheet, I first imaged the cel without the curse layer, then with it. Click the first thumbnail to see the cel with the curse included.

Aesthetics of Anime has this cel’s immediate sequence-buddy, the A2.

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