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Cardcaptor Sakura 14: Episode 40 (Sakura and the Sakura in the Dream)

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“Yo!” : Layouts
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Added 6/6/2005
Updated 3/20/2013
Cut 200: When Yukito (who also seems to be working part-time with Touya at Tokyo Tower) offers her juice, Kero-chan suddenly pops out of Sakura’s backpack and demands to have some too, while Sakura desperately twists around and round, trying to pop him back out of sight.

This sketch set included an unusually complete set of materials, from the original layout (shown here) to the shuusei gengas. This layout is no more than a cartoonish rendering of the storyboard, with the characters radically out of proportion to each other. The first thumbnail is a scribbly but careful reworking of the plan for this cut (possibly by the art director who supervised the backgrounds for this episode). It defines the relative sizes and placements of the characters.

Notice the uncertainty about which way the big metal tower strut in the background is supposed to tilt and exactly where the concession counter will be in relation to the characters.

Then see the second thumbnail for the copy artboard, which was used for the background. It’s instructive to compare this artboard to the actual background used earlier in this scene.. Interestingly, the art team never did agree on the size and shape of the windows or which way the shadows from the railing were supposed to fall. Ah, well … dreams aren’t supposed to be strictly logical, ne?

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