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Tenshi ni Narumon: Step 22 (The Temptation of Eros)

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Timing Sheet
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Added 5/5/2005
Updated 7/1/2017
Finally, here's the timing sheet for the last cut in this sequence. These aren't often seen, and they give insights into the planning of animation scenes. The column on the left is where the key animator roughs out the cut, using the numbers for the gengas. The middle column shows how the genga images are realized in the final animation, with the help of inbetweeners, so the numbers here are replaced by those of the final dougas. The right column shows special effects such as fades (F.O. = Fade Out).

This is just the top half, but you can see where the key animator has indicated that the cut begins with Eros, frozen in the C17 (genga numbering) posture, daisy petal in hand, while the dresser hops up and down (A5-A7) in the background.

At the top of the second column, you see the dresser come to rest at A8 END, then revert to its A1 form. The glow from the drawer (B1) appears one last time, then fades out (B1 F.O.), and Eros drops his arms to his side, going from A17 to A18 with the help of three inbetweeners (dougas numbered C35, C36, and C37). The slo-o-ow turn starts at the bottom of the sheet with douga C39 (looking like 3P as it often does in Japan).

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