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Ski lesson: Key 1
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Added 5/2/2005
Updated 3/3/2013
Episode: 64 (Sakura and the Snow-Blowing Ski School), cut 17: This is the first in a set of four rough gengas, from the first stage of planning for this scene. The thumbnails show the corresponding layouts. At the start of this episode, we see Sakura, relieved that her ski lessons have gone well so far, stops for a break, when Tomoyo expertly cuts in beside her to congratulate her over how quickly she is learning. Sakura answers her, then begins to slide forward a little and finds it difficult to stop.

At the start of this cut, Sakura is just entering the screen from the top, pointing the tips of her skis together to slow her down, while Tomoyo waits for her to come down to her level. Notice that the sakkan (animation director) uses the whole sheet, extending the lines up above the registration holes.

The long note at the top says, "Sakura should be much closer to Tomoyo but please let her start from around here." The shorter notes to the right of Tomoyo say, "Start from around here," and "Don't let her hands touch this." The latter refers to the ski pole, which the layout artist showed dangling in Tomoyo's left hand, but which the sakkan decided to have on the background rather than animated on the cels.


CCS gengas have been coming on the market for some time, but roughs have been rarer and more precious as they show the very beginning of the creative process that leads to the "image in motion." This set, which I won on Yahoo Japan in April 2005. It was especially precious to me as it matched a cel that I already had in my collection.

Then, in April 2008, yet another set came on the market, this one from an even earlier stage of planning akin to storyboarding. These four sketches, which I've included as thumbnails to these, even include the dialogue in text bubbles above Tomoyo's head.

Without more information, it's difficult to tell, but I'd assume that the roughs were executed by Hiroyuki Kasugai, the episode's animation director, while the more cartoonish earlier versions in the thumbnail are the work of the episode's storyboard artist, Yuki Ofuji.

It's always nice to reunite sets of animation art that illustrate different stages of the production process, so please visit the thumbs if you have time.


Hiroyuki Kasugai, a veteran of Metropolis, has worked pretty widely as a key animator and animation director. Series he's contributed to include Bleach, Devil Hunter Yohko, Galaxy Angel, and, most recently, Penguindrum. He has also handled design for a number of animes, notably Aria and Rozen Maiden.

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