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Ski Lesson: Key 4
Source: TV
Layers: 0
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: 4
Standard size
Opening Cel

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Added 5/2/2005
Updated 3/3/2013
Episode: 64 (Sakura and the Snow-Blowing Ski School), cut 17: This is the last of the four roughs, showing Sakura safely facing Tomoyo sideways against the slope and talking eagerly with her friend.

This is a faint but exquisitely finished drawing, and animation director Hiroyuki Kasugai takes care to get all the details right, from the ski costumes to the furrows Sakura has made in the snow.

"Fundamentally," the note in the lower right corner of the sketch above says, "there should not be many changes for Sakura." This could mean that once she reaches this position, only her mouth moves; or, it could mean that the sakkan was happy with this image and didn't want it "improved" by the key animator.

In either case, the studio complied. See the screen capture below, or, better yet, move ahead to see how exactly this sketch was realized in cel form.

It is certainly interesting to compare this complex drawing with the cartoony storyboard drawing (with the dialogue bubble of Tomoyo congratulating Sakura on how quickly she's learning). This drawing was accompanied with another sketch, just of Tomoyo's head.

This works out the details of her expression in a way very close to the full rough sketch featured above (and to the screen cap just below) so it too is likely sakkan Kasugai's work.

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