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Capturing Firey
Source: TV
Layers: 7
No sketches available
Cel Number: A2, B35, D2, F2, G1
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Original Matching Background

Added 5/2/2005
Updated 4/17/2017
Episode: 35 (Sakura’s Wonderful Christmas), cut 274. At the end of this difficult confrontation, Sakura utters the sealing spell and forces The Firey to start “melting” into its Card form. Syaoran (still weakened from using Time) and Kero-chan look on in amazement. Sequence numbers: unnumbered background enhancement cel, A2 (Syaoran), B35 (Firey), D2 (Power circles), F2 (Sakura), G1 (Kerochan).

Screencap courtesy of

For a closer look at the original watercolor background and the unusual cel overlay used to provide highlights, see the entry put up in the Backgrounds corridor. The thumbnail leads to a copy layout showing the Firey in a more advanced stage of "liquification."


Has anyone ever noticed the subtle way in which this cut mirrors the one in which Sakura makes her very first Card capture by sealing The Fly? Both scenes show the Card spirit, wings aloft, dissolving into streams of energy, while Sakura, her back to us, holds her wand up to the emerging Card, around which “power circles” pulsate. Together, the two seem to “book-end” the first season, with Sakura finishing exactly where she began, only now with a great deal more panache.

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